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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


i never write something or even talk rubbish here anymore since what? last year? and that was on 12 of march. pfffttt embarassing.
I didn't write something on my birthday last year. hahahha pathetic.
well, guess what has been coming.
guess what?
yes it is.
it takes everything.
my body. my mind. my undeniably non busy times. my life.
even life takes my life. lol
yeah i know. this is confusing but i felt like that.
it takes everything and it demands more.
Lot of things happened actually but I never wrote again here and now I forgot lot of things.
I guess no I think I'm sure having short-term lost memories.
I'm no good with memorizing people names. especially when they're not that important for me or in my life. she or he's not some kind of people that worth it for me to remember. there. that's bad I know. but I can't help it. I refuse well I guess my mind refused my brain to remember or works hard to remember such a simple things, which is name.
that's a problem for me, kinda huge problem and now become a burden because hell when I met someone that I knew someday and suddenly BOOM 'DAMMIT! I forgot her name or his name and I don't have any freakin idea what should I call him/her?'
have you ever felt like that?
well, I DID and sometimes it's embarassing pffft but I could handle it by saying sorry or just make a joke for it.
did you even notice that I said sometimes there? well, yeah lol it happened quite often LOL. not talking about that /scoff
Here, actually I wanna asking myself about my life. About what I'm gonna do later and what I wanna be later.
I kinda question myself lately, because there's someone who makes me realized and questioning myself lately.
"what am I doing?"
"why am I here?"
"what are you going to do?"
"what's your plan?"
"where are you going?"
"who you want to be?"

but the important one
the special one is,
"who are you?"

biggest question that I don't know how to answer it. that I don't even know the answers for all of those question. The question that makes me thinks and question myself "Am I doing everything right until now? Am I right?"

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Music Bank Jakarta

well, I'm gonna share my story about my experience at that day. the day of MuBank held in Jakarta
I will try to use my english, so sorry if I made a mistake lol
there will gonna be a lot of mistake in grammar, but at least I try kkkk
ok here we go

Yesterday morning I feel not really well because I just felt slightly fine after got cold a day ago.
and then I woke up feel so excited but not really. just so so. gave a lil update at fanbase and tracking situation and condition and get to sleep again. anyway, I woke up around 6 and up for 30 minutes and decided to sleep again since I know I need my strength for later. set up my alarm to 8AM.
exactly at 8AM I woke up and tracked down timeline for an hour and seems like everybody had been there even my friends prepared her self to went there. meanwhile here I am, feel like so so. excited but don't wanna too much.
I even have time to spazzing, watching and remember fanchant lol, ate my breakfast slowly. turn on my computer for an hour, and then decided to showered around 10.30 AM, when I made a plan with my cousin to started our journey at 11AM. HAHAHAHAH forever ngaret.
11AM I finished with everything. I put my lightstick, jacket-in case for the rain-and then towel for my sweat. because I knew how it feel to watch concert at GBK. HOT YOOO
lol. waited 30 min for my cousin -___- huhuhu feeling will be too late.
we decided to take train and bus after that. yeaaah I reached GBK just 1 hour with slightly traffic jam because a lot of people went to GBK and it was crowded lol.
I did my pray first and then ready to war!
it's started drizzle and every ELF opened their umbrella even they had their raincoat hahaha. there's this vendor who sold the umbrella and I thought 'dude, we're ELF, we knew what our Idol is-the rain of God' lol.
I met ka tasya!! huhuhu and then asked about my cousin ticket since she should change the email into the ticket first. we asked and we should change the ticket not at the main gate but at the opposite gate which is SOOOO FAARR AWAAY. it's not beside but opposite. ugh.
because my cousin felt worried, because she doesn't get her ticket yet, she decided to went there alone. I wanna be with her, accompanied her, but I should be at the main gate with ka icha since we waited for mba aby and meet her there.
finally we separated because that's the only way, I felt bad :(
then I went to ka tasya again kkkk, we talked a lot. we decided to ate lunch because we afraid we couldn't get it anymore since we would be busy queued.
we ate fried rice for Rp 15.000 and it's not that good. but we have no choice. we should eat or we could collapsed inside or worse outside when we queued.
we met ka icha and ka arina and we stayed there because mba aby already there, and then ka mutia came and ka lina and ami. hahaha.
around 4 mba aby went to change her email into ticket and we switch turns to went to toilet since we won't even missed out every one performance just because we wanna pee in the middle of concert lol. and such a long way to went out to found the toilet hahhaa
shortly, we started queued around 5PM when they said the gate would be opened at 6PM.
fortunately, I wasn't alone. Me, ka mutia and ka icha.  
we asked some people where we should queued. some people said this queue for fest a seating and some said for fest a standing when in fact that's for standing. 
kamut said to me and ka icha 'do you dare to gambling in this?' she mean we should fight to be in front of the queued because the queued already long and we wanted to cheat by standing beside the queued near front lol. I knew we cheated but there was no choice, sorry. 
we stand and wait for around 30min and we sang along with the song (there's sound system outside) and we did fanchant lol had so much fun. some people said "buka! buka!" it means open the gate. we protested them to open the gate since so many people had been ready to go inside -_- and they finally opened it.
CHAOS! push here and there. I wore my backpack on my back when I got hit by realization "MY LIGHTSTICK ON MY BAG and people behind me push me nonstop!!! NOOO!!" 
I shrieked, and said "MY LIGHTSTIIICKKK!!" and tried hard to grab and change position of my backpack in front of me. huhuhuhu 
because it was chaos, the security and guard was like "HOLD ON! HOLD ON! DON'T PUSH!" and we were like "PEOPLE FROM BEHIND PUSH NONSTOP! WE COULDN'T DO ANYTHING" 
the funny things, because the security couldn't do anything towards pushing things, he just put his hands up like gesturing 'hold on' things and then the song still can be heard and he wave his hand like he gestured 'put your hands up things' shit. that was crazy and funny at the same time. he said 'hold onnn~~~ be patient. everybody could entered the venue~~~' and he swayed his hand. shit lololol 3 of us laughed crazily.
finally we could entered the venue and we entered standing area, we decided to be in standing area first but when we saw how chaotic standing was, we decided to be in seating area, but we couldn't find any way to entered the seating area and we jump! we climbed the fence. first ka icha, kamut and finally me. we hold and help our belongings, I injured my self when I climbed the fence. I tried to ignore it and just walked it off. when I looked up try to find ka icha and kamut. THEY'VE GONE!!! ;;;;;;
I wanted to be panicked, but I couldn't. because my injured. I was holding it. try to not scream and try to walked but it's useless. I checked my phone, and the battery almost drained. it was around 5% before it turned off. I try to breathe and searched them in the crowded. I sat and dialed ka icha's number. she wasn't picked up. then I decided to searched on my own, I looked up here and there. I thought 'I should search people who looked like me. blank and try to find someone' and I spotted them! lol. I try to walked. it was hard. kamut noticed me and waved. try to make them visible for me. I saw you kamut! lol
FINALLY! I sat and catched on my breath. told them about my injury. they said sorry and I was like its ok, but I nearly cried because they left me ;;;; 
we waited, people still entered the venue. it was crowded. and we relieved because we choose to seat because in standing area, FULL OF PEOPLE. hahahahah it was crazy. 
anyway we saw wonkyu banner. hehehe. me and kamut spazzing. we talked 2 hours, laughing and spazzing lolol because we were bored, I felt happy. 
when people filled the venue, around 1 hour after the gate opened, people started shouted "shinee! shinee! shinee!" kkkk and then after that "Syupe junior! super junior! super junior!" and then end. lol.
not long after that, there's some kind of promotional video, clip city of Jakarta and then the guest star, we shouted for every guest star at the end there's 'presented by ATE (the promotor)' and we automatically woo~~~ HAHAHHA sucks.
we watched that for 30 minutes, they play that clip over and over and people can't get over it seriously hahahah they shouted over and over for their idols. indeed Indonesian Kpopers hahahah
I get tired and just spazzing with ka icha and kamut. when suddenly they played MV of every guest star. I forgot the order. who is second and third. from what I remember they played first,
Super Junior - Sexy, Free and Single
Beast MV, Fiction and Beautiful Night. 
Infinite - The Chaser. 
Sistar - Alone
SHINee - Sherlock
Eru - (I don't know the title of the song >< sorry.)
2PM - Heartbeat
I LIKE IT! Try to search the fancam before the show started, we even shouted and sing along even there's no idols who sang it in front of us yet. We just sing along and did fanchant eventho that was just the MV hahaha. LOVE IT!
Oh yeah, before they played the MVs, people started shouted "CHO KYUHYUN!" over and over because he was MC for MuBank kkk. ELF <3 guys="" lovely="" p="" so="" you="">
After that the show started. We were gone wild. First, the MC appeared. there are 4 MC, Kyuhyun, Taecyeon, a girl who knows korean and english (I don't know who she is) and Nadya Mulia (she's from Indonesia).
They started call every guest star. we shouted and the last is SUPER JUNIOR! AWESOME OPENING! hahahha
after that MC started their opening and the first performance was Teen Top with Miss Right.
HUHUHUHU I even like the song now hahhaa well I knew the song but doesn't like it that much but because they were rock and I love it now hahahha.
We were hyped, they were hyped. after first song teen top greeted us, said hi and apa kabar when suddenly the staff run to them with MCs. The position was at the front. Taecyeon and staff try to make teen top step backwards to move and there was some discussion between them. another staff prepared for second song of teen top, To You. I knew it since there was this box, their property for To You.
Teen Top looks like they pissed, Taecyeon and staff said something to them. Seems like there's some technical error. We don't know. Because they were discussed ON THE STAGE for around 5 minutes? 
Teen Top move to the side of the stage, they entered the backstage but before they were gone, we started chanted "GWENCHANA! GWENCHANA!" which is means "IT'S OK. IT'S OK!" :''''') TOUCHED.
they were touched, and I forgot was it Niel or Ricky, he waved at us and we screamed. 
They entered the backstage and staff took the boxes. 
Not long after that the song started, Teen Top sang Miss Right again. They did it again. Seems like the staff forgot to recorded it or there was an error things with the camera or anything. We dunno. 
After that they sang To You and Crazy. WE SANG ALONG and I did the fanchant kkkkk. I remembered To You's fanchant. Maybe I got A++ for that lol
they were good. but I got bothered because people behind me niel's biased. HARDCORE.
she's younger than me. maybe 15? 16? well, she got freaking annoying screaming voice. 
damn! her voice just soooo SHRILL. TOTALLY.
The shit things was cameramen always captured niel face. It's not I hate him, it's just I always burst out into laugh because I remember about riris and sarol. LOL because of them I never saw niel like normal person anymore. hahaaaha
She shouted well shrilly "NIEEEELLLLL~~~~" 
WELL BYE. DAMN dude. because of her, I couldn't screamed for L.Joe or cap or changjo. damn. feel defeated before make any moves.
After that, sistar performance. hahahahahaha. Dasom so beautiful ;A;
I forgot the order again, if I'm not mistake it's Alone, gone not around and the last is loving you.
anyway, there were fanboy there. in front of us hahahhaa
they sat in a line. 2 and in front of them there were 2 and 2 again and then 3. they cheered the best for sistar and couldn't control their expression hahahahha
I recorded it because they're so funny!
After that MCs appeared, LOL kyu did the sexy dance, I mean alone dance hahahaha. 
SO sorry for the order, I really forgot hahaha
I will wrote what I remember ya hahaha
After that Eru appeared. got mellowed and hyped. he sang his song, 2 of his song and then insomnia korean vers. he's good and handsome. looks like junsu ><
after that Infinite appeared. I screamed loudest!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
sang along and did fanchant mihihihi
Hoya and L got the loudest screamed. I dunno anymore. damn. why L should be the one who got the best popularity hereeeeeeeeeee ;;;;;;;;
why not nam? or sunggyu? or yeol? WHYYYY
they performed the chaser. After that they performed BTD. WEEWW Scorpion dance makes us went wild lol
then after that if I'm not mistake, they did introduction. hoya shouted his cheering lol. "I said Ho you said Ya. HO!" "YA!" "HO!" "YA!" kkkkkk
still, L got the best screamed. everybody screamed. ga ngerti lagi deh -____-
I don't get what they were talked about but they said some bahasa language, couldn't catched the word hahaha
I HATE CAMERAMEN!! WHY he always captured L ;;;;;;;; NOOOO huhuhu
but when infinite performed I never stop saying "I'M DONE WITH ALL OF THIS! I'M DONE! SELESAI HIDUP GUE SELESAAAIII! ADOOOHH" while try to sit but jumped again. I feel like my soul out from my body hahahha. 
after that they performed be mine and everybody sang along and I was alone did the fanchant. sigh.
Then MC appeared, said something, eru and hyorin did special stage. they sang mellow song from Indonesia the title 'Kemesraan'
Eru and Hyorin did good. Their pronouncation were good. We sang along at the refrain kkkkk
After that Beast appeared. They sang Beautiful Night, Shock and the last one Fiction.
We sang along and did fanchant too. We really had fun! hahahha
After that there were special stage again. Idols would sing OST drama.
Soyu SISTAR sang I think I love you from Full House
Woohyun INFINITE sang dreaming from Dream High
SHINee sang Stand By Me from BBF
well, actually me and kamut expected yesung would sang It Has To Be You. He sang OST too. We got excited but after SHINee performed and then that's the end hahhaha
Then after that Afgan performed with Without You and Katakan Tidak. I like Katakan Tidak :) sounds good.
Got little dissapointed but many people didn't know his song. He should sing mellow song, which common people known it. But well, he did great :) and I heard that Beast and some korean staff looked at him after he did his performance, even Beast members showed their thumbs up like 'good. good'
MCs appeared anymore. I don't get what MC said, but Nadia there like translator. She did well :) she said everything what other MC said. From the first everytime MC done with their job, we always shouted "CHO KYUHYUN! CHO KYUHYUN!" LMAO
and he replied our shouted with waved and smiled, we shouted even more after that.
after watched him like that kamut and I decided to shouted cho kyuhyun everytime he's done mc-ing lol. because he's just soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and innocent lol like he proud and feel welcome here hahahha
There were special stage from S4 and Teen Top too :)
First they dance together after that Teen Top said something maybe like they prepared special stage for us and S4 did really well to learned and we should give the best support for them and then Teen Top cheered for S4 and they gone to the backstage after that S4 danced to Teen Top's song No More Perfume On You.
They did really well. They even sang the song. Seems like they do it live. no lipsync. WOW.
After that Teen Top appear and I was like "NOOOOOO. Don't tell me they exchange their song." 
they do! 
MAAAANNN I went crazy with kamut hahahhaha. we sang along and did fanchant. SHE'S MY GIRL! DON'T TOUCH TOUCH! MA BABY GIRL! DON'T TOUCH TOUCH!
Teen Top even sang it. they sang with bahasa language. teared up ;A;
Maybe they thought, S4 could sang our korean song, we should sang their song too! hahaha
both of them did really great!
everybody gone crazy. more crazy. because I thought, yesterday there were SOOO many Shawols and ELF too lol maybe they stand for 2 fandom HAHHAHA
SHINee brought beautiful, sherlock and last is their comeback song dream girl!
well, we did really well for sherlock's fanchant hahahhaha
MCs appeared again, but now just 3 from 4 of them. since after that 2pm will perform. after MC done with announcement we shouted "CHO KYUHYUN! CHO KYUHYUN!" and before kyu went down, he smiled brightly. idiotically. brightly. and waved. BYE BANGET hahahahhaha
cho kyuhyun such a troll hahahhaha
2pm appeared and sang heartbeat, hands up and 10 out of 10.
2PM did the best fanservice. they asked nicely if we wanted their picture then they made a pose at the centre, in the front, at the right stage, and left stage and centre stage again. WOW
anyway, afgan asked for picture too when he asked I was like "no. I won't do it. I mean, I'm expensive." lol jokes.
SHINee asked to take a pic with them too <3 p="">
MC appeared again but now just 2 of them. Ladies. Since after this SJ will perform.
SJ appeared and sang Bonamana rock Vers. I COULDN'T SCREAM that much ;;;;;
TIRED. TOTALLY. But I did my best to cheered. 
SJ so hyped. They run here and there as usual. typical SJ. I dunno anymore. my eyes searched for hyuk hahhaa. he wore sleeveless. fuckin' sleeveless. GA PAHAM LAGI!
 after that they did introduction hahaha. 4D yesung hahahahha. he shouted Jakarta~~ JAKARTAAAA~~
I thought he wanna said something after that but he didn't said anything. damn. hahahha I expected too much that dorky hahahha
siwon said something in english, couldn't catch the word.
then kyu cutely intro in bahasa and said "kalian senang? saya juga." and then he cheated the word that he wrote lol
he said "kalian cantik sekali! aku cinta kamu!" and we went wild hahahahha
the last was hyuk, he said "syudah siap bersenang-senang?" two times. he said "aku cinta kamu" hahahha
he even forget to said his name lol
after that oppa oppa when we shouted suju oppa they went out like they did at GDA hahah and dance break time for yeye. LOL
after that they performed sexy free and single.
WE SANG ALONG! wohoooooo
then the end. 
all of artist went out and MCs said some goodbye word and sang Run To You. BOUNCE WITH ME BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE! well since almost the audience were ELF and we knew about this song from kangin hahahhahha
we sang along. kkkk
after that I dunno anymore. Every artist gave fanservice here and there. took selca together. just selca of them or with other members. woohyun kissed one of fangirls. hae took selca with fans. sistar members took selca with fans with member. I dunno where should I took my eyes to. Everyone really had fun. I dunno anymore. I gave up. but still the last man standing. SJ. 
SJ and 2PM gave the last greet. they bowed at the centre, in front of stage, right and left stage. 
There were confetti. Yeye played with it. He gathered the confetti and then he showered people with it. I mean not fans but other artist. he is really dork hahaha
even he gathered it in his hand and he blowed it up to hyuk face and then hae. when he blowed the confetti to hae, the confetti stucked to hae's face since hae drenched with sweat lol
I love my dorky boys :3
Wook even gave his hat to one of fans. First that fans gave shirt and hat to wook and then she scretched her hand like want something too. maybe just holding hands or shake hands is enough but wook gave her his hat. HIS FREAKIN HAT. THAT'S EXPENSIVE!!! WHY? because everything that SJ's wore would be expensive!!!! PLEASE ;;;A;;;;
ohyeah, siwon wasn't there for the last bow. I dunno where he was :(
Yesung the last artist to be on stage, he waved and waved and waved again and again before he entered the backstage. Then the end.

THAT WAS AWESOME. FUN. AND CRAZY. THE BEST MOMENT EVER. I even felt like this is the best concert I ever watched hahah dunno. maybe because I had someone to fangirling to lol. I dunno. But I really had fun with ka icha and kamut. They are the best!!!!
Thank you somuch for mba aby to give me (us) the best moment we ever had ;;;
well, that's all. my fanacc hahaha. I wrote this like 2 days. since I got tired to wrote this in english. there are a lot of grammar mistake! I KNOW. I'M SORRY! well at least I try hahahha
I'm sorry to forget the order of performance lol. so sorry. 
that's my story. how about yours? kkkk

Thursday, August 2, 2012

the first

suatu pagi hari yang tenang. gue seperti biasa naik ancot ke sekolah. terus pas kebanyakan turun di pondok kopi gue sama devira karena emang bukan turun disitu ga ikutan turun (?)
eh pas penumpang pada turun gue liat dompet. yes dompet ditempat duduk. gue tau itu dompet siapa karena gue tau yang duduk depan gue itu siapa (?)
jadi maksudnya gue udh kenal muka orang yg duduk depan gue dan orang itu buru2 turun ga sadar kalau dompetnya ketinggalan dalem angkot.
gue panik, gue ambil dompet itu pas gue nengok keluar. tuh orang udah keburu belok. gue makin panik sama temen gue. aish. kebetulan banget suara gue belum sembuh bener gara2 ilang kemaren -________- gue coba buka dompetnya tapi ga berani. terus tiba2 abang ancotnya ngomong "apaan dek?" "dompet bang. duh gimana nih" "dompet ya? yaudah sini" dia ngulurin tangannya dan gue dengan pasrah kasih tuh dompet
terus tuh abang taro didashboardnya. gue makin waswas. tuh abang malah ngomong "nemu dimana dek?" "disitu bang dibangku" "orangnya kemana?" "gatau udah belok tadi bang" "yaudah tenang tar juga dia ngejar kesini kok"
nah gue makin ngerasa ga wajar. gimana ngejar coba -,-
"ga lah bang. orang tadi dia buru2 gitu kayanya dia ga sadar deh dompetnya ilang" "yaudah tar juga dia lapor polisi"
terus "oh itu dia kali tuh yg naik ojek" "bukan bang" (entah kenapa gue yakin) "yaudah tar juga dia tau mobilnya" "yaampun bang 03 banyak kali ga cuman satu didunia"
HAHAHAHAH sumpah gue udah mulai curiga. ape2an sih nih abang2 ancot
"udah sini bang saya aja tar saya yg balikin," "gausah tar juga dia lapor polisi" "eeerr gausah bang saya aja yg kasih ke dia tar. itu tadi ada nomor hpnya disitu" daaaaannn gue pun berdebat bentar sama abangnya sampe turun dari ancot. tetep aje tuh dompet ga dikasih. terus tiba2 temen gue (nurul) maksa ke abang2 ancot itu hahah. bantuin gue dan akhirnya tuh abang nyerah dan dikasih ke gue
ah gue inget itu pas gue lagi TO
terus pas TO otak gue cuman gimana gue ngembaliin nih dompet. tuh dompet udah gue utak atik. gue mau coba ke alamat dia, eeeeh tuh KTP daerah hahahah anjir gue makin bingung
gue gatau apa2an. ada duit sekitar 53.000 terus foto2 doi sama cewenya. emas dan surat2 dan kartu nama PT gitu sama KTP dia
hah. gue bingung gue cari jalan ke sana kemari dan akhirnya temen2 nyuruh gue ke EQ (tempat les) dan cari cara ke pak bamz
hahhaa gue cerita ini-itu ke pak bamz dan pak bamz bilang "yang jelas jangan kamu serahin ke polisi. ribet urusannya. jadi panjang."
wah gue tambah pusing. pas gue coba telpon PT ny kata mbanya doi lagi keluar
hadeeeh ==="
gue buntu. trus akhirnya pak bamz turun tangan dan nelvon sendiri. eh pak bamz ngobrol beneran itu orangnya! kerja di situ hahah. terus pak bamz suruh ajak ketemuan. HAAA AKHIRNYA ketemu deh dan gue kasih tuh dompetnya hehhee
selamet deh gue
itu pengalaman banget kayanya nemu dompet begitu dan bisa dibalikin :) hehe