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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


i never write something or even talk rubbish here anymore since what? last year? and that was on 12 of march. pfffttt embarassing.
I didn't write something on my birthday last year. hahahha pathetic.
well, guess what has been coming.
guess what?
yes it is.
it takes everything.
my body. my mind. my undeniably non busy times. my life.
even life takes my life. lol
yeah i know. this is confusing but i felt like that.
it takes everything and it demands more.
Lot of things happened actually but I never wrote again here and now I forgot lot of things.
I guess no I think I'm sure having short-term lost memories.
I'm no good with memorizing people names. especially when they're not that important for me or in my life. she or he's not some kind of people that worth it for me to remember. there. that's bad I know. but I can't help it. I refuse well I guess my mind refused my brain to remember or works hard to remember such a simple things, which is name.
that's a problem for me, kinda huge problem and now become a burden because hell when I met someone that I knew someday and suddenly BOOM 'DAMMIT! I forgot her name or his name and I don't have any freakin idea what should I call him/her?'
have you ever felt like that?
well, I DID and sometimes it's embarassing pffft but I could handle it by saying sorry or just make a joke for it.
did you even notice that I said sometimes there? well, yeah lol it happened quite often LOL. not talking about that /scoff
Here, actually I wanna asking myself about my life. About what I'm gonna do later and what I wanna be later.
I kinda question myself lately, because there's someone who makes me realized and questioning myself lately.
"what am I doing?"
"why am I here?"
"what are you going to do?"
"what's your plan?"
"where are you going?"
"who you want to be?"

but the important one
the special one is,
"who are you?"

biggest question that I don't know how to answer it. that I don't even know the answers for all of those question. The question that makes me thinks and question myself "Am I doing everything right until now? Am I right?"

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